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How to deal with rust spots in stainless steel?

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  1. Chemical methods

  Use pickling cream or spray to help re-passivation the rust part to form chromic oxide film to restore its corrosion resistance. After pickling, it is very important to properly flush with water to remove all contaminants and acid residues. After all processing with polishing equipment re-polishing, sealed with polishing wax. we also can use 1:1 petrol, machine oil mixture fluid with clean dishcloth wipe off rust spot for slight rust spot for local.

  2. Mechanical method

  Sand blast cleaning, shot blast cleaning with glass or ceramic particles, annihilation, brushing and polishing. It is possible to remove contamination by previously cleared materials, polished materials, or submerged materials by mechanical means. All kinds of pollution, especially exotic iron particles, can be sources of corrosion, especially in humid environments. Therefore, the mechanical cleaning surface should be in dry conditions under normal cleaning. The mechanical method can only clean the surface of the material without changing the corrosion resistance of the material itself. It is therefore recommended that after mechanical cleaning, re-polished with the polishing device and sealed with polished wax.

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